These are no official stage1 tarballs so please don't file bugs against them
in Gentoo's bugzilla. Those will be closed as INVALID.
If you find bugs in the tarballs you may write me a bug mail but I won't help
you on installation questions. If you don't know how to install from stage1
it's not the proper way for you to get a working Gentoo system.

Polynomial-C (
[ICO]NameLast modifiedSize

[DIR]old/2024-06-25 10:51 -
[   ]stage1-amd64-polyc-027.tar.xz2024-06-25 10:45 118M
[   ]stage1-amd64-polyc-027.tar.xz.CONTENTS.gz2024-06-25 10:45 226K
[   ]stage1-amd64-polyc-027.tar.xz.DIGESTS2024-06-25 10:45 822
[   ]stage1-amd64-polyc-027.tar.xz.sha2562024-06-25 10:45 110

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