amdgpu driver crashes my system

I'm not really much into games anymore but from time to time I'd like to play some of the old 3D shooters I used to play back in the early 2000 years.
So after using my trusty Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 for over six years (with open source radeon driver) I decided to renew my graphics device, again with a Radeon card from Sapphire. I chose the model R9 285 which has a so called Tonga chip on it and thus requires the quite new amdgpu driver instead of radeon.
Well, long story short, even with the latest 4.5.x kernel version the card doesn't work in my system. The 4.2.x and 4.3.x kernel series ran into kernel panics where 4.5.x kernel series only blanks the screen and shows some error messages in dmesg output.
I've opened up a bug report but with no response yet from anybody. I wonder if it's my quite old Tyan mainboard which only provides PCI-E of the first generation but without any kernel developer at least looking at the bug I'm quite lost here. Seems like I now own a brand new AMD Radeon card which I cannot use other than letting it collect dust in my shelf.

dev-libs/openssl without ssl2 and ssl3


after the debacle of latest openssl security bump I decided to jump the gap and remove ssl2 and ssl3 protocoll entirely from my systems. Thus I added a dev-libs/openssl package to my personal overlay which does exactly that. This also requires most openssl consuming packages to be recompiled to work properly again. I added a couple of packages that need additional ssl3 removal patches to my overlay as well. If you find other packages to fail, please inform me about them via email.

Kind regards