New versioning scheme for my stage1 tarballs

I decided to shift the version numbers by moving the minor version number to major. So starting with the 15th release of my stage1 tarballs there will only be a major version number starting with 015.

New dev machine (yay!)

So I finally had the time to assemble my new dev machine after a long wait for the arrival of its components.

As with every new machine I have found some issues:
  • My Logitech G15 keyboard did not work until the OS got booted. So I wasn't able to use that keyboard for accessing the mainboard and the RAID-controller BIOS or navigate in grub until I upgraded the motherboard's BIOS to the latest available version.
  • Somehow the onboard SATA doesn't work reliably. All devices other than my optical devices won't get even detected by the OS. Most likely a driver and/or configuration problem in the kernel but still very disappointing.
  • I had to replace my good ol' Adaptec 4805SAS RAID controller with an Areca ARC-1680ix-12 as the new mainboard does not even recognize the old controller during POST. That also required me to re-create all the RAID-arrays (one RAID-10, two RAID-1) on the new controller which required to first backup all data on those arrays.

One positive effect is that my new graphics device which needs the amdgpu driver finally works. As I wrote in an earlier post, it didn't work in my old dev machine.
I am now a happy user of a dual eight-core AMD Opteron 6328 machine with 128GB of ECC-RAM. That should be enough for a couple of years doing Gentoo development.

dev-libs/openssl without ssl2 and ssl3


after the debacle of latest openssl security bump I decided to jump the gap and remove ssl2 and ssl3 protocoll entirely from my systems. Thus I added a dev-libs/openssl package to my personal overlay which does exactly that. This also requires most openssl consuming packages to be recompiled to work properly again. I added a couple of packages that need additional ssl3 removal patches to my overlay as well. If you find other packages to fail, please inform me about them via email.

Kind regards

New gpg keys

Hash: SHA512

Today I created new gpg keys for my work with Gentoo.
This was long overdue as my old primary key still is 1024bit DSA.
These facts and my wish to have a GLEP63 compliant set of gpg keys motivated me to create the new set.
A big thank you to Kristian Fiskerstrand who helped me in creating the keys.

So here's the IDs of my new key:


Kind regards
Version: GnuPG v2


sys-devel/make-4.0 available

I took the opportunity to add make-4.0 to portage. As I found at least glibc not liking the new make I added it package masked for now.
Please help us finding all possible problems with the new make version. If you want to help, unmask the package
echo ">=sys-devel/make-4.0" >> /etc/portage/package.unmask
and start compiling packages with it. If you find problems open a new bug in our bug reporting database and make that bug block the tracker bug.